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  • Anita Wasko

Photography business reopening

I have been given this post some long, long thoughts...

I consider my job to be one of the safest there is in the midst of the quarantine. Spring is here, the grass is green and the sun is still shining. Families still need portraits, young and old couples are still getting engaged and weddings are still happening.

I would love to be a part of these happy moments and I have truly been missing going out there and looking through the camera. I miss being a photographer!

I am reopening my photography business to the public. I will take all the precautions necessary and I will accommodate each and every one of you the hopes that I make your photography experience the best possible one. There are many places around Athens OH that are absolutely magical and I am also willing to travel where you are!

But, even though I missed out on photographing complete strangers and friends alike, my family is always there for me as a release for my creative needs :)

So please enjoy just a few pictures taken here and there, and please have a look on my website

Hope to meet with you soon!

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