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It's cold and outside isn't an option today. School time.

Well, it's very hard to make River do anything he does not feel like doing at any given time, and this time, he just fell ASLEEP!

The photographer in me thought it's very funny, where is the camera so I can take a picture of this? I find there are never ending opportunities to document life as it happens. BC (before children), I used to pull the tripod out and document myself a lot when I was doing my Master in Photography at OU. I also remember a time when I would never be without a camera, no matter where I went. Things changed over the years, but I am getting back to seeing everything as if I'm looking through the camera lens.

I was very happy when my photography business took off last year and I would go and take family portraits almost daily. It felt like I was back in my element. But for now, I'll be photographing the same faces sleeping or awake, so enjoy!

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