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Golden hour with Anita

Husband decided enough is enough and that we need our personal water hole to cool off during the hot, long summer days. That being said, he wakes me up at 7 am to help out.

Now.. I am not a morning person. I used to be, but kids took that out of me. I am a late night person now. My eyes were not open yet, but the moment I looked out the window, I held my breath, tried really, really hard to unstick my eyelids, and ran for the camera.

I love morning light. I ABSOLUTELY love it. My photography business social media tag is #goldenhourwithanita, a tag I owe to a dear friend of mine. It defines me and it definitely describes my photography work. Every time I get a photo shoot request, I make sure to take the time and explain that I want to schedule during the early morning or late afternoon golden hour. It's my thing. It's what makes my pictures - MY pictures. I am a light worker.

I know it is much more comfortable and easy to meet sometime after dinner, when the sun is going down and the day is coming to an end. It's a beautiful time of day and the light is quite amazing. But nothing compares to that crisp, fresh morning sun rise. The world is new and it's another possibility for a great day, for something good to happen.

Friend and strangers, if you are up for a photoshoot, I promise to wake up early, early morning with you and take advantage of this beautiful gift that is given to us every day.

Check out a few pictures I took this morning and please have a look at my golden hour portfolio,

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