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  • Anita Wasko

In the beginning...

What is a photographer from Athens, OH, to do in these Coronavirus times when one can't work as a photographer?

Well, that's not true... I still have a camera, beautiful spring light, and more importantly, my most favorite people to photograph in the whole wide world: my family!

So, starting a blog and documenting us through the quarantine seems like the right answer, and a great creative outlet for my passion for photography.

The new way of life has not changed my doings that much... I've always been a stay at home person, my kiddos have been homeschooled since the beginning and I've always loved spring and gardening. But yes, my business and professional life has taken a hit, a big one, with no end in sight?

So let me start with a few photos, taken weeks ago, when the quarantine started and let's see where this goes :)

Enjoy and don't forget to check out my work at

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